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“Venice: the magical city that people visit to seek things they can find nowhere else.”

Besides the most updated information provided by international experts in the sector, delegates may access an exclusive network of specialised contacts.

Starting with the welcome cocktail, the conference programme offers several networking opportunities to build new relations and business contacts with potential partners.

The IHC Staff will be pleased to encourage contact between participants. If you are interested in tracing or meeting a participant, the IHC staff will be at your complete disposal during the event.

The conference also offers an opportunity to get to know partner firms that have sponsored this edition of the event.




Florian was set up in 1974 in the heart of Veneto, on the foundation of the business set-up by Federico Florian in 1950.
Rooted in its traditions, it has grown in size and know-how to become one of the leading European multinationals in the distribution and processing of certified European hard woods, supplying sectors such as wood furnishing, construction, flooring, doors and windows manufacturers as well as the large retail sector and Italian and foreign DIY chains.
It consists of 16 companies specialised by product, distributed across Italy, France, Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. It has over 900 employees, 2,700 clients in 59 countries, handles 7,500 truckloads per year, 230 thousand m3 of material and covers 530,000 m2 of property and warehouse space.



Promoting the knowledge of Italian technology all over the world and providing its associates with qualified assistance on key business issues: these are the aims of Acimall, the Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers’association.
More than 170 companies, the most qualified of the Italian industry, the Association represents more than 70% of the industry both in terms of employees and turnover. This makes Acimall a qualified reference for all national and international partners of the woodworking machinery industry.


For over 25 years the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has been at the forefront of international wood promotion, successfully building a distinctive and creative brand for U.S. hardwoods. AHEC’s global programme secures a future for American hardwoods by demonstrating the performance and aesthetic potential of these sustainable materials, while providing valuable creative inspiration and technical assistance.


Since its creation in 1951, at the request of the FAO* and the OECD**, ATIBT (Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux – International Tropical Timber Technical Association) aims to serve the tropical timber industry, from the forest to the end user.
It plays a key role in the implementation of international projects dedicated to the sustainable and responsible management of tropical forests.
ATIBT defines itself as a leading technical and scientific authority in terms of tropical timber resources, a key partner for industry professionals and their representative when dealing with various stakeholders (governments, international organisations, NGOs, etc.) and a manager of international programmes that support tropical forests.


Conlegno is a private not-for-profit consortium that was established to protect forests and biodiversity, encouraging the use of wood, ranging from the raw material to packaging and structural wood. Conlegno’s main goal is to transform legal and/or technical features into an opportunity for member companies of the consortium by creating quality brands.
Conlegno was recognized like a Monitoring Organisation by the European Commission on 19 August 2013. Conlegno offers to the Italian operators a Due Diligence System in compliance with the European Timber Regulation.
Legnok Mark is the main tool to identify the “Operator” compliance with the Regulations Legnok and the European Regulations.


Incomac was founded in 1975 and since now has installed drying kilns in 94 Countries, in the 5 Continents.
The production line includes wood drying kilns, kilns for thermal treatment of wood pallets and packaging, and steaming chambers.
The kilns can run with different systems, according to the energy available.
Today Incomac can boast a fleet of approximately 10.000 kilns sold (drying kilns, heat treatment, steaming).
Moreover, thanks to the recognized capacity of our specialists, 22 Research Institutes and Schools, all over the world, have chosen, for their studies, Incomac technology.


Termolegno thanks to the reliability and efficiency of its products; has carved out an important place in the world among leading manufacturers of drying kilns for first wood working industry; a serious and well-structured company that in these years of business has turned in a solid and brilliant reality.
The strong power of Termolegno is the ability to offer solutions aimed at and made-to-measure for requirements of high specificity, combining the experience acquired within wood drying, ISPM-15 treatment and steaming system with the advanced technology of its own plant and the innovative solutions of research and development.